Building the Tools for VA’s Supply Chain Transformation

We are working with the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) – the largest integrated health care system in the United States – to transform its supply chain operations.

To ensure patient safety and improve patient outcomes, while minimizing cost, those working at Veterans Affairs Medical Centers (VAMCs) need better medical supply chain technology. We are helping them by using our experience in project management, organizational change management, supply chain transformation to implement a new information technology program across VAMCs.

This program is called VALOR – VA Logistics Redesign – and it uses supporting technology called the Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support (DMLSS)/LogiCole system. Through the following services, we are providing industry-level expertise to the VHA to allow for a streamlined modernization effort and an enterprise implementation of the DMLSS system/LogiCole programs. The services include program management, administrative, data migration support, business process engineering, subject matter expertise, site implementation, and budget analysis.

We are also supporting the VHA Procurement and Logistics Office’s Equipment Life Cycle Management (ELCM) program in implementing a new operating model that better tracks the life cycle of clinical and high-tech medical equipment. We are working on the execution of the new operating model, developing a program management plan, integrating demand forecasting into the model, and reengineering the high-tech medical equipment procurement process.

To help VA effectively administer the operating model, we are implementing disciplined, comprehensive, and flexible processes for the programs and projects. These activities include monitoring project metrics, rigorous risk management, and prompt reporting on government-approved cost, schedule, performance, and risk baselines.

We are also providing pre-visit planning and analytics to adequately prepare ELCM for site visits. The purpose of the site visits is to identify best practices, deliver targeted recommendations for engaging with key stakeholders, and foster the adoption of the operating model throughout VHA.